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Legal Metrology - Policies & Procedures


LM-Type Approval: Evaluation of Measurement Standards General Process Download
LM-Type Approval: Type Evaluation Section General Process Download
Type Approval: Gambling Section General Process for Submissions Download


Name Download
LM-P-013-09-08-R51 Classes of instruments-Rev2 Download
LM-P-011-09-08-Reverification of electronic water meter components only Download
LM-P-001-06-08-Approval and verification of control devices w WM_ Download
LM-P-017-09-09-Suspension and reinstatement of accredited laboratories Download
LM-P-026-04-11-Gas meters for domestic use-exemption from T_1 signed Download
LM-P-008-09-08-Additional verification tests required in SANS 1529 - 9 Download
LM-P-032-10-14-TA-Evaluation EBA Compliance-Final Download
LM-P-009-02-10-Revised requirements for temp sensors and verification procedure for meters Download
LM-P-028-07-12_SANS1649-2011-Type Approval Download
LM-P-015-09-08- Increasing number of divisions on previously approved scales Download
LM-P-003-09-08-R51-1_ACWI-Normative Reference Download
LM-P-030-03-14_Ver5_SANS689-2013-ARW-Verif_Final-2018-03-09 Download
LM-P-25-02-12-LFD-5c scale interval Download
LM-P-018-10-09-GasMetering-Normative Reference Download
LM-P-007-09-08-Master Meters Download
LM-P-002-09-08-Sealing Stickers Download
LM-P-031-05-14-ETLG-Road_NormRef-VerifPeriods Download
LM-P-005-09-08-Compact Provers Download
LM-P-010-09-08-Requirements for verification marks and seals Download
LM-P-003-06-08- Liquid Fuel Dispensers- Unit price above R 9,99 per litre_ Download
LM-P-001-01-09-VerificationAfterRepairVersion2-2011 Download
LM-P-037-07-18-NAWI-and-ARW combination Instr Download
LM-P-021-08-10_TA and Verification Process for Gas Metering excluding meters for domestic use Download
LM-P-001-09-08-Gravity effect on NAWI-Rev1 Download
LM-P-022-08-10-TA-Evaluation Water Meter Compliance Download
LM-P-020-04-10-Multi Dimensional-Normative Reference Download
LM-P-019-08-09-AirElimGantry Download
LM-P-033-07-15-Rev3_Location where verificationsshall be performed on NAWI Download

Assessment Service

Name Download
LM-P-039-05-19 _Conditions of use of NRCS symbol and certificates_2019-06-04 Download
LM-P-045-09- 19 Download
Implemtatiom guidence documents 2019 Download

All the Verification and Repair bodies on the website are designated and have authority to conduct verification work on behalf of the NRCS.

Verification/Repair Bodies 2021

Verification Bodies Brochures

Contact or enquiries regarding designation:

Kabelo Tshele

:+27 (0) 12 482 8897