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services - Imports & Exports

​​​Equal treatment of local and imported products, and competition on a level playing field, are fundamental principles of the WTO TBT and SPS agreements. This also applies to the conformity assessment bodies (laboratories and certification schemes) recognized by the NRCS to provide reliable proof of conformity of products to the applicable compulsory specifications. NRCS will accept test reports from any conformity assessment body, local or foreign, that meets its requirements.

NRCS consults widely and attempts to involve all stakeholders and especially industry in the development of new compulsory specifications and amendments. Every effort is made to align local with international regulatory requirements. The same requirements apply to imported and exported commodities assisting the local industry to become globally competitive.

Approvals and Letters of Authority

NRCS approves products that meet with the requirements of applicable compulsory specifications. Letters of Authority are issued to manufacturers and importers as soon as the requirements have been met, in order that the products can be imported or offered for sale.

℮ -Mark 

The NRCS recognises the international certification system for pre-packages through the registration of importers to utilise the Quantity Mark scheme as defined in SANS 1841 in South Africa.

With this scheme, imported products carrying the quantity mark, recognised in the country of origin, is recognised under the local scheme, when the corresponding Legal Metrology authority in the country of origin has underwritten the quantity mark, or the manufacturer of the products has made a declaration of compliance to the international certification scheme.​​

Export Services

The NRCS Food and Associated Industries Business Unit is recognised throughout the world as a leader in food safety and has been appointed as the Competent Authority for the export of frozen marine products to the EU. FAI is audited regularly by EU authorities and fully meets its requirements.​​

The Legal Metrology Act and Regulations apply to pre-packaged goods destined for sale outside the Republic unless they conform to any written requirements specified by the foreign purchaser. If the pre-packaged goods exported do not comply with these regulations, the exporter shall submit requirements specified by the foreign purchaser to the National Regulator for confirmation. After the National Regulator has confirmed the requirements specified by the foreign purchaser the pre-packaged goods will be allowed for export.​