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Services - Protecting The Environment

NRCS protect​​s the environment by enforcing minimum standards for:

  • Plastic bags;
  • Vehicle emissions;
  • Energy efficiency of electrical apparatus, and
  • Supports Governments initiatives in energy conservation
NRCS, through the Legal Metrology Act, is responsible to ensure compliancy and accuracy of measuring instruments and devices for measuring of - 
  • ​Sound (noise), vibration, ionizing and nonionizing radiation; and 
  • Pollution of air, water, soil and food products; are reliable and in compliance therewith​​

Plastic Bags

A compulsory specification for Plastic carrier bags and flat bags was promulgated in 2003 as a joint initiative with the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism that was intended to:

  • Reduce plastic litter in the environment by promoting the re-use of plastic bags;
  • Promote the recycling of plastic bags and
  • Promote the growth of the recycling industry, thereby creating employment.
Vehicle Emissions​​

​With effect from 1st January 2008 light passenger and goods vehicle (M1 and N1) emissions were required to comply with Euro standards. Further improvements are under discussion with affected stakeholders.

Energy Conservation And Efficiency

The promotion of energy efficiency and conservation is a major Government imperative and falls within the NRCS mandate because of the impact on greenhouse gases and environmental pollution.

An amendment to the Compulsory Specification for Electrical and Electronic Apparatus will soon be promulgated that will introduce new energy efficiency requirements for fluorescent luminaires by setting minimum requirements for power factor correction.

A new compulsory specification for Single capped fluorescent lamps (commonly referred to as compact fluorescent lamps) will soon be published in the Government Gazette for public comment, and NRCS is engaged in further initiatives regarding electric appliances and motors, fixed electric storage water heater​​​s (electric geysers) and energy efficiency of buildings. Compulsory Specifications are available for free downloads at the Compulsory Specifications.​​​​​​