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Foods and Associated Industries - Regulated Food and Food Products​


  • Canned Meat and Canned Meat Products

  • Canned Fish, Canned Marine Molluscs, and Canned Crustaceans

  • Frozen Fish and Frozen Marine Molluscs

  • Frozen Rock Lobsters

  • Frozen Shrimps/Prawns, Langoustines, and Crabs

  • Smoked Snoek

  • Live Abalone

  • Live Aqua-Cultured Abalone

  • Processed Meat Products

  • Aqua-Cultured Live and Raw Chilled Bivalve Molluscs

    Food for human consumption must be safe, wholesome, and satisfy certain minimum consumer expectations set out in the various Compulsory Specifications. Compulsory Specifications lay down requirements for inter alia:

  • The processing facilities and persons handling and processing particular food products

  • Quality and composition

  • Packaging and labeling

  • The minimum requirements of the Compulsory Specification for these food products are based on:

  • Various pre-requisite requirements for food safety, which are attainable through practicing Good Manufacturing- and Good Hygiene  Practices (GMP and GHP) and by applying, in addition, Food Safety Management Systems based on HACCP (Hazard Analyses of Critical Control Points)

  • Standards, Codes, and Guidelines set by Codex Alimentarius

  • National Requirements​

The Compulsory Specifications can be downloaded at Compulsory Specifications